The six boats were evicted from Gingerville Yacht Center (shown) before they went adrift. Photo:

Annapolis Woman Could Face Jail Time for Abandoned Boats

The owner of six boats that were adrift from the South River to the mouth of the Severn River has been slapped with citations for abandoning two of the boats.

Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) say that all six of 30-year-old Angelina Scarton’s boats were evicted from Gingerville Yacht Center on Gingerville Creek off the South River, back on July 31. NRP was on the scene helping Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s deputies with the eviction, NRP tells Bay Bulletin.

“NRP gave advice to the subject about anchoring the vessels out and that she would be liable for damage if the boats broke loose,” notes NRP spokesperson Capt. Melissa Scarborough.

Later that same day, NRP got a call reporting that the boats had drifted, and hit a moored sailboat and a private pier. NRP said with a storm on the way, they tied the boats up to a private pier to prevent further damage.

Scarton has been cited in connection with two of the boats, a 31-foot 1971 Trojan Cabin Cruiser called Party of Five, which eventually washed up on the rocks at Greenbury Point, just north of the Severn River, and a 32-foot 1973 Trojan called Crazy Girl.

Scarton received two citations for “abandoning a vessel on the waters of the state.” The misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of $1,000 in fines and six months behind bars. Scarton could also be held liable for the cost of removing the boats, when the cases go to court.

Capt. Scarborough says the other four boats are still part of an ongoing investigation. All of the boats are at NRP’s Matapeake Compound on Kent Island, where all lost and recovered vessels in NRP’s custody are taken.

-Meg Walburn Viviano