Best of the Bay 2019

From the Editor

In the U.S. election process, there are strict measures to ensure legitimate results including secret ballots, one vote per person, certified results, and no foolin’ around under penalty of law. None of that applies to our Best of the Bay Awards. It’s not a scientific survey, and we pretty much expect some enthusiastic canvassing, self-promotion, and minimal ballot-stuffing to determine the winners. It’s legit to argue that the people who rally their followers, customers, and family members deserve the accolades. You can argue that some other crab soup is better than the winner’s (and we know you will and so will we.) We encourage those arguments. Arguing about crabs is part of the spice of life on the Chesapeake. But, in the end, they didn’t rally their fans to the win. So, better luck next year. 

We seek out these things, and with your help, we’ll add new categories and continue to pump up the fun in pursuit what’s the Best of the Bay in 2020.

Thanks for playing. 

Where do you go to get away from it all? What’s the best place to go camping or see a show? Let our Best of Bay Living survey guide you to the best things to see and do on the Bay.

Got a craving for crabs? A hankerin’ for oysters? CBM readers voted on their faves for those Bay classics and more. CBM staff added our two cents with staff picks, with special shout-outs from our well-traveled cruising editor Capt. Jody Argo Schroath.

Sure, you can live by the Bay without a boat, but should you? Here, courtesy of our readers, are some of the reasons the Chesapeake looks better from the water, with our staff picks and the sage advice of our cruising editor, Capt. Jody Argo Schroath.

Each year we ask our readers to submit their own photos for our Best of the Bay Photo Contest and each year we’re blown away by the talent and fresh perspectives we find. We picked our favorites of the hundreds of submissions but click below to see the best and the brightest the Bay has to offer.

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