Best of the Bay 2019: Photo Contest

Hundreds of our readers responded to our Best of the Bay photo contest this year, and the results are stunning. These are the best shots from this year’s crop, chosen to cover the beauty and range of life on the Chesapeake Bay. From the tranquil tradition of Craig Hasting’s shot of a crab shack to Kathy Mongold’s hopeful look at a full nest of baby pelicans, to Mark Hergan’s tugboat Lynne Moran steaming through a flock of seagulls, they are all aspects of life on the Bay and a reflection of why we live here. 

The Crab Shack by Craig Hastings
Racers by Mark Hergan
Sunset by Heather Orkis
Bull Frog in Cromwell Valley Park by Robert Reynolds
Over Sparrows Point by Mark Hergan
Beautiful Babies by Kathy Mongold
Watermen Heading Out of Sunrise Hawk Cove by Robert Reynolds
Dog by Danielle Press
Sailboat Transom and Reflection in St. Michaels by Steven Waltrich
Young Boy Crabbing by Christine Edwards
Trotlining in St. Michaels, MD by Tracey Johns
Geniuship Mirroredat Dusk by Dale Hall
McQueen on the Boat by Michael Strotz
Docking Contest by Dale Hall
Watermen’s Day by Tracey Johns
Lynne Moran by Mark Hergan
Landing or Taking Off by Gregory Hardison