Dr. ZipTip to the Rescue

It’s a tiny piece of equipment but when it breaks it can be a major pain: zipper pulls. 

Isn’t it frustrating when a zipper pull breaks off a piece of your foul-weather gear or equipment? It renders that item virtually useless. This was the situation that faced Tom Medsker a number of years ago when a zipper pull on his boat canvas broke. 

At the hardware store, he could only find a nickel-coated steel split keyring. This was functional but a temporary replacement since the material easily rusted. Then Tom had his zipper epiphany: elongate a portion of the ring, craft it from stainless steel and add a plastic piece to the center ring to easily attach to zippers. Thus, Dr. ZipTip was born. 

You may have seen him at the Annapolis Boat Shows this fall, demonstrating his product. For many years, they were made with three pieces, but two years ago the ZipTip was completely redesigned into a durable and easy-to-use two-piece product.  Now a missing zipper pull can be replaced in less than a minute. 

Dr. ZipTip offers four different designs and comes in a package of two attachments for $15.99, including free shipping. They can also design custom ZipTips featuring your own logo (minimum volume required). They are easy to assemble right out of the package and can be attached to any existing or broken/missing zipper pull. Made in the USA.

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