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December 23, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Featuring found object artist, Karen O’Dowd, Main Street Gallery’s upcoming show, ^’un*sus*tain*a*ble^’ (water or plastics, portr aits of beauty and destruction) is a visual portrayal of societies unrele nting use of plastic and its impact on the oceans and waterways. In conj unction with The Smithsonian’s Waterways Exhibit on view at the Dorch ester Arts Center October through November,^’ un*sus*tain*a*ble ^’wil l be open at Main Street Gallery in November and December.

Two mee t the artist receptions will be held November 9, and December 14 fr om 5-8 pm at the gallery at 518 Poplar St. in Cambridge.

Passi onate about recycling and upcycling, O’Dowd’s work took a curve a fter reading that by the year 2050, plastic will outweigh marine life in our oceans.“After reading that I kept reading and ever y aspect of the plastic issue steamrolled into other horrific c onsequences”, she comments. Every speck of plastic we use, and it is everywhere on virtually everything we consume, wil l last 500-1,000 years. And an enormous amount of it is end ing up in our oceans, creating a swath of toxic, marine l ife- killing habitat. Recycling is not an answer, at leas t not yet, as it is too costly and the market for recycl able plastic cannot begin to keep up with our consumptio n. “Plus, she adds, the vast majority of plastic pr oduced is not recyclable.”

“We need to act, pe rsonally and on regional and global levels to address this horrific, world wide problem.” Everyone need s to use less and while alternatives to plastic are only just beginning to become readily available, we all can do better, use less and buy smarter. We can make our voices heard and demand reductio ns in single-use plastic.


December 23, 2019
11:00 am - 9:00 pm