Weekends on the Water

A Destination for Every Boat

Here we are with our third Weekends on the Water. Welcome back! Or just plain welcome, if this is your first time with us. We feel pretty sure you’ll find some great ideas and a lot of useful information here, whether you are a small-boat cruiser, big-boat cruiser, or paddle enthusiast. 

For those of you who have joined us for the first two editions, you’ll feel right at home with the format: six destinations, each divided into categories like How to get there, Where to stay, What to do, and so forth. It’s a mix of straightforward information, such as channels and boat ramps, and some of our own recommendations, including restaurants and things to do that don’t make the usual lists. After all, Chesapeake Bay Magazine has been sharing information about the Bay for 50 years now, and our editors have a lifetime of experience to share.

What do we have in store for you this year? We are particularly pleased, because we believe we’ve put together a collection of destinations that will suit everyone’s boating style and location. Yorktown, for example, with its history, restaurants, and waterfront, is within easy reach for everyone in the southern Bay and a cruising goal for everyone else. For those farther up the Bay, the great port city of Baltimore serves something of the same purpose. It’s within easy reach, and it has so many attractions that we imagine it would be possible to go nearly every weekend and still not see everything, from Fort McHenry to the National Aquarium, the Inner Harbor to Canton. In addition, both of them make great family destinations.

And in between? Cruisers all over the Bay will understand our choices of Onancock and Cambridge. They are magical destinations and worth the time it takes to get there. And the food is great, too.

Small boaters, we have not forgotten you for a moment. In this issue you’ll find a destination tailor-made for you. Kent Narrows is a mile-long (almost) waterway of fun, from dock bars and great restaurants to water trails, walking trails, and fishing. And it’s easily accessible from many Western Shore ports.

Finally, we have a special treat. We’re going to introduce you to the beauty, quiet, history, and good food of the lower Northern Neck of Virginia, centering on Irvington and Kilmarnock but including a winery/cidery tour, part of which you can even do by boat. If you live in the urban centers of Annapolis/Baltimore or Norfolk/Portsmouth, you will be especially enchanted by this destination. It’s a place just as essential to understanding the Chesapeake as Yorktown and Baltimore.

There it is. Read and enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We love hearing from you ([email protected]).

One more note: If you missed our first two Weekends on the Water, don’t worry; those destinations are all included below. Plus, you can always buy past issues including special editions, bundles, and guide books right here. ⚓︎

CBM Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath, with the help and not infrequent hindrance of ship’s dogs Bindi and Sammy, goes up and down bays, rivers and creeks in search of adventure and stories.

With her sharp wit and passion for The Bay, Jody brings her Chesapeake experience to our readers every month in Jody’s Log.

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